STICK IT UP YOUR ASTROLOGY [how to insult people based on their sign]

Pendance's Muse

In 2005 I wrote a little article called, Stick it up Your Astrology.  This article was meant for astrologers and skeptics.  Over the years it gained a bit of momentum and is the topic of various discussion groups. I want to point out that I did extensive research on this topic. In addition to reading dozens of articles and books on astrology, I spent an entire year walking up to random people and asking, “What’s the worst thing someone could say to you?” Once I was armed with an arsenal of pretty bad things I tried them out on my friends and family.  This worked out pretty well.  Thank you to all of the people who suffered through this important research. I would like to dedicate this article to Josh, my Taurus brother (I can still kick his ass at pretty much EVERYTHING, except basketball, golf and driving).

20140409_021801 Me and…

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