State Child Services Worker Cuffs Foster Child to a Porch, Hangs Dead Chicken Around His Neck


freedomisfabulous - from freefabulousgirl

untitled-33This lovely couple is a tribute to the Powers and Privileges of the State

A North Carolina married couple, one a social services worker, was arrested after authorities said a child was found handcuffed to their porch with a dead chicken around his neck, says the News Observer.

This might be just another one of those “everyday” stories of child abuse that happens in this country. They all glorify the State because most of them involve a social worker who failed to do her job (social workers are overwhelmingly female), wasn’t paying attention or who closed the case or who found no wrong doing to devastating effect – they were too busy confiscating children from some innocent parent instead.  It happens in England too.

But this one is a prime example of how the State Social Worker represents the pinnacle of the State’s “Glory” and promise.

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