No Greater Shame


There have always been tales of evil masquerading as good.  The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The kindly old lady bearing the poison apple.  The witch disguised as a beautiful young woman.

History has also shown us numerous examples of horrific acts predicated on perverted interpretations of morality and religion, of inhuman acts done in the name of God or the greater good.   Somehow these insidious, veiled acts of evil seem that much more heinous than their straightforward counterparts.

Sadly, today’s news presents an example of how this kind of twisted philosophy can result in tragedy.  A beautiful young girl name Hana was beaten and starved to death by her adoptive parents, the people charged with caring for and protecting her.  They have since received the maximum prison sentences allowable under the law after being found guilty in her death, but no time spent in a cell will bring back this…

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