Just found a link about abusive child-rearing practices…and my own commentary

This Hunger Is Secret


Have you heard of this?  You gotta read the article.

What I want to say about this is that no, I am not a parent and no, I haven’t read the book, “To Train Up a Child.”  But I did note that the article mentioned that the book encouraged parents to COVER UP THE ABUSE, SO THAT IT IS NOT NOTICED BY AUTHORITIES.

Did you read that?  The book tells parents which instruments to beat the child with so that the marks from the beatings are less visible.

The mental health system does the same thing.  When patients do get marks (side effects of drugs, emotional trauma from repeated abuse by “staff”) these are easily covered up, because the mental health system has safely squirreled away the mental patients into halfway houses or ghettos or we are locked away in hospitals or we are safely unemployed, invisible, in “programs,”…

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