Completely Serious Advice With Sam Walker #4

The Annual

Question #1:

There is a squirrel in my attic, and he as been there for two weeks so far. I can’t find him when I go to the attic, I have no idea how he is getting in, and I can’t sleep much at night because he is always loud. How do I get rid of this horrible squirrel?



Straight up, I don’t know too much about squirrels, so bear with me. Before this goes any further, yeah, you could call pest control, but that would be taking the coward’s way out. Who wants to admit that they were shamed into cowardice by a squirrel? Drop that phone.

You should first try to find out what type of squirrel calls your attic home. I would guess you’re dealing with an Eastern Gray Squirrel. They are fairly common in most of the United States, favoring the backyards of houses…

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